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Iceberg Exhibitions is presented by Iceberg Communication as a Trade Fair and Exhibition organizer.

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Who are we!

Iceberg Communication is one of the first innovative and integrated advertising and communication agencies founded in Tirana, 1999. For more than two decades, it has been a determinant actor of enormous changes in the event management industry.

Iceberg Exhibitions is incentivized by a pool of experts in the B2B event management sector with a distinctive service-based background. The valuable expertise in strategic marketing consulting, public relations, advertising (both traditional and digital) will be a strong asset on moving toward organizing trade fairs and exhibitions based on a business-to-business approach.
The company organizes trade fairs and exhibitions in the most impactful sectors in the regional economy such as agriculture, construction and energy, tourism ect. The main objective of Iceberg Exhibitions is to open the door for strategic relationships between Balkan region and international markets, connecting people and sharing visions.

Our events are diverse and inclusive representing outstanding platforms for the businesses in the Balkan region to enjoy a successful debut for the international markets.

Iceberg Exhibitions brings the event where the sector has the biggest impact without creating venue and location limitations.

What we will make possible for your business

Partner’s Connections

We will make sure so you can connect with potential partners in our exhibitions

Investor’s Connections

We will make it possible to connect you with potential investors

Brand Awarness

Your brand will stand out in our exhibitions

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